Renumbering Planned For Regional Transit Routes

Date:October 25, 2016
Effective:Jan 01, 2016

50 routes affected across Kansas City area

Transit routes across the Kansas City area are being renumbered so the region will have one comprehensive system for identifying bus service throughout the metro area.

As part of the ongoing effort to create a unified transit network, the new classification system was developed to give riders a better idea of where they’re going, the price of the bus fare and the type of service they’re using. The old numbering system didn’t always clearly identify a bus’ destination, what type of service it provided or what part of the region it served. For instance, express routes numbers are not grouped together while some local routes are labeled as express service but don’t operate as an express service.

The new numbering system will be organized into regions and types of service. The route numbers will be broken down into separate categories denoting specific services and regions. Bus service and routes are not affected.  Across the metro area, here’s how the numbering format will change:

  • All Kansas City routes south of the Missouri River will be numbered nine to 99. Sixteen of these routes will be renumbered.
  • All Kansas City routes north of the Missouri River will be numbered 200 to 299. Thirteen of these routes will be renumbered.
  • Eastern and southern Jackson County. These routes will be numbered 300 to 399. Three routes will be affected. The colors identifying IndeBus routes will remain.
  • Johnson County routes will carry a 400 series number, except for express service. The renumbering affects 10 routes.
  • Express services. All express bus service between the Missouri/Kansas suburbs and downtown will be labeled with 500 series numbers. The new 500 series numbers will denote that riders pay a higher fare for the express service than the typical $1.50 local fare. Nine routes will be affected.
  • Wyandotte County routes will not be renumbered.

A complete list of proposed route number changes can be found below. The route numbers are being changed gradually with no date set for completion. Bulletins will be issued for affected routes as the numbers are changed. Schedules and routes are not affected.

For further information, contact the Regional Call Center at (816) 221-0660 weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Kansas City routes south of the Missouri River

109-9th Street becomes 9-9th Street

110-Woodland/Brooklyn becomes 10-Woodland/Brooklyn

30-Northeast becomes 11-Northeast/Westside

15X-Truman Road Express becomes 16-Truman Road Limited

108-Indiana becomes 18-Indiana

121-Cleveland/Antioch becomes 21-Cleveland/Antioch

123-23rd Street becomes 23-23rd Street

28X-Blue Ridge Express becomes 29-Blue Ridge Limited

51X-Ward Parkway Express becomes 52-Ward Parkway Limited

40-Crossroads/Plaza becomes 50-Crossroads/Plaza

155-55th Street becomes 55-55th Street

163-63rd Street becomes 63-63rd Street

175-75th Street becomes 75-75th Street

173-Casino Cruiser becomes 77-Casino Cruiser

296-Bannister/Hillcrest MetroFlex becomes 98-Bannister/Hillcrest MetroFlex

298-South Kansas City/Wornall MetroFlex becomes 99-South Kansas City/Wornall MetroFlex

Kansas City routes north of the Missouri River

142-North Oak becomes 201-North Oak

129-Boardwalk/KCI becomes 229-Boardwalk/KCI

230/231-Tiffany Springs becomes 230-Tiffany Springs

243-Riverside/Antioch becomes 231-Riverside/Antioch

132-Gracemor becomes 232-Gracemor Limited

133-Vivion Antioch becomes 233-Vivion/Antioch

136-Boardwalk/Antioch becomes 234-Boardwalk/Antioch

135-Winnwood/69 Highway becomes 235-Winnwood/69 Highway Limited

36X-Gladstone becomes 236-Gladstone Limited

37X-North Broadway becomes 237-North Broadway Limited

38-Meadowbrook becomes 238-Meadowbrook

244-NKC MetroFlex becomes 298-NKC MetroFlex

237-Gladstone/Antioch MetroFlex becomes 299-Gladstone/Antioch MetroFlex

Eastern and southern Jackson County routes

251-TMC Lakewood becomes 340-TMC Lakewood

253-Raytown MetroFlex becomes 399-Raytown MetroFlex

Johnson County

556-Metcalf/Plaza becomes 401-Metcalf/Plaza

546-Johnson/Quivira becomes 402-Johnson/Quivira

660-Antioch/Olathe becomes 403-Antioch/Olathe

664/Metcalf/Downtown becomes 404-Metcalf/Downtown

667-Nall becomes 405-Nall

672-JOCO to Downtown Midday becomes 435-JOCO to Downtown Midday

575-75th Street/Quivira becomes 475-Quivira Road/75th Street

856-Metcalf/Plaza Deviated Midday becomes 401 Flex – Metcalf/Plaza Deviated

875-75th Street/Quivira Deviated Midday becomes 475 Flex – Quivira/75th Street Deviated  

812-JO Flex becomes 482-OP Flex

Express Service (premium fare routes)

710-K-10 Connector becomes 510-K-10 Connector

661-Olathe Express becomes 519-Olathe Express

34X-Shoal Creek/Liberty Express becomes 535- Shoal Creek/Liberty Express          

152-Lee’s Summit/Raytown Express becomes 550- Lee’s Summit/Raytown Express

678-Shawnee Express  becomes 563-Shawnee Express

673-South OP Express becomes 569-South OP Express

170-Blue Springs Express becomes 570-Blue Springs Express

471-71 Hwy Express becomes 571-71 Hwy Express

670-Gardner/OP Express becomes 595-Gardner/OP Express