234 Boardwalk-Antioch Expands Route

Date:June 11, 2018
Effective:Jul 02, 2018

New service to East and West Tiffany Springs

234 Boardwalk-Antioch: Map - Schedule [PDF]

RideKC’s 234 Boardwalk-Antioch will be expanded to serve jobs in East Tiffany Springs and West Tiffany Springs, beginning Monday, July 2, 2018.

New service will be added north of Boardwalk Square Park & Ride. The route will expand to add hourly service throughout the middle of the day on weekdays.

See the map below for the new route. To travel to East and West Tiffany Springs, 234 will go north on Ambassador Dr., east on 106th, north on Pomona, east on NW 107th, north on Congress Ave., west on NW 110th, north on Airworld Drive, west on 112th and south on Prairie View Rd. to end the route at 105th Street, at Challenge Manufacturing.

The fare for the 234 is $1.50, or 75¢ for those with a Reduced Farecard. A Day Pass is available for $3, and a 31-Day Pass is $50. Customers can pay with cash or use the free RideKC app to purchase their fares.

At Boardwalk Square Park & Ride, riders can connect to the 201 North Oak, 229 Boardwalk-KCI and 297 Tiffany Springs Flex. At Antioch Crossing riders can connect to the 21 Cleveland-Antioch, 231 Riverside-Antioch, 233 Vivion-Antioch, 236 East Gladstone, 238 Meadowbrook and 299 Gladstone-Antioch Flex.

The route expansion was coordinated in conjunction with Platte County Economic Development Corporation.

For route and schedule information, contact the Regional Call Center at 816.221.0660, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

234 Boardwalk-Antioch Map

234 route map

Routes affected by this bulletin: