Weigh In On Main Street MAX Plan

Date:July 25, 2016
Weigh In On Main Street MAX Plan

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So much has happened in downtown Kansas City since Main Street MAX was introduced as the city’s premier bus route a decade ago. Downtown’s population is exploding. The central business district is bustling. Downtown is alive with entertainment at the Sprint Center, the Power & Light District and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Just like the city that has changed over time, Main Street MAX is due for a change to better meet our riders’ travel demands. That’s why the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is studying ways to improve Main Street MAX, possibly by giving the service a straighter route through downtown.  The KCATA is setting out to enhance Main Street MAX by:

  • Helping to keep buses on schedule and minimize delays
  • Ending the circuitous route downtown that slows service and is hard to understand
  • Easy transfers to other routes at 11th and 12th streets
  • Building ridership

The KCATA is studying how Main Street MAX can better serve riders. Those possibilities include changing Main Street MAX so it has a straighter route through downtown. No date has been set for any proposed improvements. Here’s what’s being examined:

  • MAX could run north-south on Grand Boulevard from the Crossroads to 3rd & GrandMAX could be moved off Main and Wyandotte streets north of 20th Street.
  • MAX may no longer run on 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th and Oak

Representatives from the KCATA will be riding Main Street MAX from July 25 through Aug. 7 to survey customers about potential changes. There are several other ways to tell us what you think.

About Main MAX Street MAX

  • Started in 2005
  • Average weekday ridership: 4,556
  • Length of route: 9.4 miles from Waldo to 3rd & Grand downtown
  • Scheduled travel time for route: About 40 minutes
  • Features real-time arrival information signs, iconic markers and sleek bus shelters

Proposed service improvements for Main Street MAX