New trip reminders make riding paratransit easier

Date:February 27, 2017
New trip reminders make riding paratransit easier

We’re offering a new service to paratransit riders: Customers can sign up to receive trip reminders of their scheduled trips via phone call or text.

This new technology will improve convenience for RideKC Freedom customers. Plus, the reminders will improve efficiency by reducing call wait times and decrease the number of no-shows.  

Riders who helped KCATA test out the system say it works well. Ruby Polk and Tiffany Radcliff both use RideKC Freedom, the paratransit service for people with disabilities. The women were part of the one-month beta testing to troubleshoot the trip reminder system before rolling it out to Freedom’s 4,000 paratransit customers.

Text trip reminder on phone screen
Above: A sample trip reminder sent via text. 

Polk called the system “excellent.”

“As a person who is blind, I depend on RideKC Freedom to provide transportation to medical appointments, work, the grocery store and more,” said Polk. “This system will verify that all RideKC Freedom trips are correct.”   

Polk says she had forgotten about a scheduled trip in the past, and she just felt horrible about it, knowing it probably delayed others. Additionally, repeated missed trips could result in a person not being allowed to use RideKC Freedom.

Tiffany Radcliff
Above: Tiffany Radcliff says the the trip reminder help her ensure her trips are correctly scheduled. 

Radcliff notes the trip reminders are a great service for people with varied schedules. She says that without family in town to help her out, she relies on RideKC Freedom for all her travel: work, shopping and socializing. Radcliff uses an electric power wheelchair and scooter, and works as a licensed professional counselor in south Kansas City.

“It’s going to be helpful for people who have a busy schedule, and you might be forgetful because you’ve got a lot going on,” said Radcliff. Another benefit is that with the reminders customers can confirm the trip details, in case there was an error on the part of the caller or the agent who helped schedule a trip in the Freedom system.

Radcliff says this will reduce the need to call back after scheduling the trip to confirm that the times and address are correct. The reminder system reduces the need for those calls, which will in turn reduce wait times for customers are calling into RideKC Freedom.

Another feature gives riders the ability to cancel their trip by phone 24 hours in advance of their reservation if they change their plans, giving customers more control over their schedules.

Trip Reminder

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It only takes a couple moments to enroll. Our call center representatives will confirm your customer number and address. You will provide your telephone or text contact information.