More service to Crossroads, West Side Neighborhoods

Date:December 31, 2015
More service to Crossroads, West Side Neighborhoods

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is bringing new bus service to downtown’s west side, giving the Crossroads and West Side neighborhoods a direct, 22-minute route along Broadway from downtown to the Country Club Plaza. It’s a route residents requested when transit planners set out to find ways to improve downtown bus service.

KCATA drew up the new 40-Crossroads/Plaza route as a complement to centralizing downtown bus routes on Grand Boulevard, as well as 12th and 11th streets.

The new 40 route will give neighborhood residents, especially those in the Crossroads District, more convenient access to transit. It means that West Side residents won’t need to walk several blocks to Main Street or Grand Boulevard to catch a bus.

40-Crossroads/Plaza will serve the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts.


Starting Jan. 4, the new Crossroads route will serve several major employers on Kansas City’s west side, including HNTB, the Internal Revenue Service and the Marriott Hotel. Other destinations include the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the Convention Center, Municipal Auditorium, Penn Valley Community College and Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health. 

New service on Broadway also will fill an important void left when service on the nearby 51-Ward Parkway route is curtailed after the start of the new year.

The KCATA is ending midday and Saturday service on the entire 51-Ward Parkway route, which operates from south Kansas City into downtown. The new 40 route will keep the midday and Saturday service, but only between the Plaza and downtown.

Operating hourly on weekdays and Saturdays, the new 40 route extends from Barney Allis Plaza downtown to 47th Street and Jefferson near the Plaza, following long stretches of Broadway and Southwest Trafficway along the way.

40-Crossroads/Plaza Schedule: Weekday - Saturday -  Map

The Crossroads District hosts a variety of dining, entertainment, cultural and business locations, old and new.